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Imagine sitting in a room day in and day out, hours of silence with no one to talk to. You may muster up enough strength to take a stroll down the hall or maybe not at all due to physical constraints.  Then a familiar voice sparks a welling up of joy that can only mean a visitor! This is what goes on in the heart of a shut-in.  The need for companionship and conversation can be overwhelming. But to know that on a specific day, their “friend” from LoveShare is coming by to spend some time with them brings them great joy!

Working on a puzzle together may seem boring to some, but when there is added conversation and a listening ear, it makes a “boring” time into a blessed opportunity! Watching a funny movie and laughing together, reading Scripture and praying together or just holding a hand when their illness has taken over their body as they prepare to be ushered home to glory.  This is how the ministry of LoveShare works.  It is not about a checklist of service done to another. It is about demonstrating the love of Christ to one of His saints.  The faithful Callers are few, but they are faithful! Very rarely is an appointment missed to visit an elderly saint because the love of Christ overcomes all obstacles. 

Please pray for our shut-ins.  Just because we don’t see them at church, does not mean they are not a part of the church body! If you would like to know who to pray for or any needs they may have, please contact John and Arlene Benson at (818) 345-2170.